Bermatingen Churches

Historical half-timbered buildings and the sun-basked hillside vineyards of Bermatingen’s "Leopoldsberg" characterise the idyllic image of the municipality. In the rural district of Ahausen stands the St. Jakobus Chapel and two old half-timbered mills, which are sights worth seeing. As one of the first ecclesiastic communities in the region, Bermatingen always had a special church historical significance, which is reflected in the precious St. Georg Church.

Other sights worth seeing are the old Torkel (wine press) at the entrance of the town and the church of the former Beguines Monastery Weppach (in the wooded area heading toward Autenweiler). Bermatingen is renowned for its wine, its half-timbered buildings and for its closeness to Lake Constance.

Bermatingen Church

Districts: Ahausen, Autenweiler
Population: 3,900
Location: 435 m above sea level
Distance from the banks of Lake Constance: 4 - 6 km

Municipality-related literature/brochures:
Local guides "Spaziergänge durch die Geschichte von Bermatingen mit Ahausen"
"Es begann mit Perahtmot" (both by Hermann Zitzlsperger)
Heimatbuch (local chronicle) on the occasion of the 1200 year anniversary of Bermatingen
Heimatbuch (local chronicle) on the occasion of the 1250 year anniversary of Ahausen
Image flyer "Fachwerk und Reben gemütlich erleben - Bermatingen".
All available at the town hall in Bermatingen.

Railway station in Bermatingen-Ahausen
2 wine-growers with direct sales (Weingut Dilger & the sales point of Markgräflich Badischen Weingüter)



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